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Investment grounds

Industry classification
Declared area (m2)
Land category
Kind of allowed use
Kind of encumbrance, limitation
Electricity supply (m)
Water-supply (m)
Gas-supplying (m)
Sewage system (m)
Cadastre number of area/of quarter
Name Industry classification Declared area (m2) Land category
Construction of AGZS Consumer sphere 1000.00 Agricultural land use
Building cultural and ethnographic center (recreation) in the village Leningradskaya Resort complex 10000.00 Agricultural land use
Gas station for cars Consumer sphere 19102.00 Agricultural land use
For the construction of a car wash Consumer sphere 2338.00 Agricultural land use
Building maintenance of passenger cars to 5 positions (without painting and metal work) stations, fitting center, car washing to two posts Consumer sphere 1084.00 Agricultural land use
Construction of a beer plant Consumer sphere 44000.00 Lands of inhabited localities
For the development of crop Agriculture 70000.00 Agricultural land use
Construction of facilities for servicing of cars, trucks with the number of stations to 10, fitting center, car wash and 5 posts Consumer sphere 100000.00 Lands of inhabited localities
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