Krasnodar region started exporting wine to Germany

The Head of the region Veniamin Kondratyev told «RIA News» journalists about this.

The Governor reminded that a year ago the region presented Kuban wines in Berlin and in follow-up an agreement on supplies to Europe was signed.

– These agreements didn’t wither on paper: the first 10 thousand bottles of our wine labeled «Fanagoria» were shipped to Germany, - noted Veniamin Kondratyev.

He added that the entry to the western markets is not a plain process, since a compulsory certification and research not conducted under the Russian GOST are required.

– However, our winemakers managed to do this, inter alia, because foreign partners are interested in quality products. It is precisely this wine that we produce in Kuban. I am confident that it will take its rightful place on the shelves of the European stores along with the popular global brands, - underscored the head of the region.  

The Governor also noted that the entry to new markets will be conducive to development and expansion of the production and enhancement of the value of Kuban wine.

– If today the annual export volume makes around 300 thousand deciliters, no doubt that in the near term this figure will grow just as the range of foreign partners, - concluded Veniamin Kondratyev.  

For reminder, almost 45% of gross yield of Russian grapes, 42% of Russian wine and 27% of Russian champagne is produced in Krasnodar region. For the time being, our products are exported to 14 out of 50 winery enterprises of the region. Annual export volume – around 300 thousand deciliters. The products are directed to 15 countries across the globe.