More than 30 Kuban producers to expose their products at the agricultural exhibition "Green week" in Berlin

The Chief of the region Veniamin Kondratyev told journalists of TASS News Agency about collaboration between the region and Germany in the area of agriculture.

The Governor underscored that for the first time following a five-year hiatus the region takes part in the international agricultural exhibition «Green week».

- The region will expose products of the highest grade complying with global standards of eco-friendliness and safety in order to encourage the German business to invest into Kuban. It shall be noted that long-standing and strong relationships were built between the region and Germany. Over the last year our foreign trade volume exceeded 206 million US dollars alone, - stated Veniamin Kondratyev.  

The Chief of the region emphasized that more than 30 Kuban producers will present their products at the exhibition such as: tea, juices, tins of fruits and vegetables, winery products and confectionery products, cereals. According to his words, a multitude of these companies are already exporting their products.

– I am confident that the participation in the exhibition will enable our enterprises to enter new foreign sales market, - added the Governor.