Since 2016 Krasnodar region has eightfold increased the supplies of ice-cream to foreign markets

Korenovsk dairy & canning plant supplies ice-cream to foreign markets. Now 20 countries including China, USA, Israel, Greece, Germany, Vietnam, Bulgaria and Canada purchase its products. Since 2016 Krasnodar region has eightfold increased exports of this product as reported by the Press Service of the Administration of the region.    

Last year a producer from Korenovsk concluded the agreement for enhancing competitiveness to obtain the investment loan for the amount of 1.3 billion rubles for further development. In the short-term perspective the plant intends to enter the markets of North and Latin America. 

At present, four large enterprises and a series of small ones produce ice-cream in Kuban. Since early year they have released around 41 thousand tons, that is 10% higher as compared to a similar period in the last year. 

Along with ice-cream, condensed milk is popular abroad. It is purchased by CIS and European countries. The volume of supplies has grown by 13% and makes 4 million US dollars.