Since early 2019 the export of food products has equaled 2 billion US dollars on Kuban

Following the results of 10 months of 2019, the export of food products made 2 billion US dollars in Krasnodar region.

In 2019 Krasnodar region exported food products for the amount of 2 billion US dollars as reported by the Governor of the region Veniamin Kondratyev when commenting the implementation of the national project «International cooperation and export».

According to the Chief of the region, the target in terms of the export of fat-and-oil products and cereals, meat and milk, fish and seafood has been now practically performed

«The volume of the products supplied outside the country should equal 2.3 billion US dollars for this year. As early as now this figure is 2 billion US dollars», - he added.

Veniamin Kondratyev also underscored that the funding of the national project «International cooperation and export» exceeded 340 million rubles this year; all these funds will be fully committed by the end of the year».

Within the framework of the national project «International cooperation and export» the authorities of Kuban intend to bring the export of AIC products up to 3.8 billion US dollars or by 46% as compared to 2018 level within five years. The products with high export potential are as follows: grain, fat-and-oil, flour-and-cereals and starch products.

Broadly speaking, the foreign trade turnover of Krasnodar region in January-June 2019 made 2.82 billion US dollars. Сereals (60.5%), sunflower oil (15.8%) and fertilizers (5.6%), taken together, accounted for more than 80% within the export structure. More than 55% distributed among the equipment and mechanical devices (18.7%), fats and oil (16.2%), electrical equipment (8%), oilseeds (6.7%) and vegetables (6.6%) within the import structure.