Veniamin Kondratyev: a record 280 thousand tons of grapes collected in the Krasnodar region

The head of region announced this on his social media accounts.

«Our grape growers produced 280 thousand tons of grapes. This harvest is the largest on record in Kuban. Almost 75% of all grapes came from the Temryuk district. Other main growing areas are Anapa, Novorossiysk, Krymsk, and Gelendzhik. This is the record volume of grapes since 1986. Back then, farmers managed to produce 263 thousand tons of grapes. New grape plantations helped achieve record growth this year—four years ago, 2 thousand hectares of new vineyards were planted in the region,» said Veniamin Kondratyev.

The Krasnodar region is a major wine producing region in Russia. Today, the total area of vineyards in Kuban has exceeded 28 thousand hectares, which accounts for 30% of area under cultivation in the country.

More than 20 million decalitres of wine are produced in the region, which accounts for almost half of the country's wine demand.

The adoption of the 2020 Federal Law «On Grape Growing and Winemaking in the Russian Federation» contributes to industry development. The law prohibits land development suitable for viticulture and processing or use of imported grapes, wine and grape must for producing domestic wines. The Law was initiated by the Krasnodar region.

Press service of the Krasnodar region Administration