Welcome to Leningradskaya district

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

The Municipal Formation Leningradskaya District is an administrative and territorial unit of the Krasnodar Region.

The priority direction of the dynamic economic development of the Municipal Formation is attracting investments. The Administration of the Municipal Formation carries out an active policy aimed at creating a favorable investment climate and attracting funds into the district economy.

The Leningradskaya District is located on the Priazovo-Kubanskaya Plain in the northern part of the Krasnodar Region, which has the highest agricultural potential. The area of the district is 141.6 thousand hectares, and the population is 64.0 thousand people.

The district is located in 120 km from the regional center of the neighborhood subject of Federation, the Rostov Region Ц Rostov-on-Don, and in 180 km from the regional center, Krasnodar. The nearest railway stations are located within a radius of 35-50 km. The district center, the Cossack village of Leningradskaya, and major population centers, which are centers of rural settlements as well, have a wide network of social and engineering infrastructure that allows combining a high degree of development of the territory with minimizing the costs for implementation of investment projects.

The basis of the economic potential of the Leningradskaya District is an agro-industrial complex Ц agriculture and processing industry, which accounts for over 80% of the products turnover. The agricultural sector of the district has a strong production and technical facilities.

The number of employed in the economy of the district is 25 thousand people, including 3.0 thousand people employed in the industrial sector. The average salary in the district exceeds 20,000 rubles.

On the development level of the agricultural sector of the economy, the district ranks one of the leading places in the region. 24 large and medium-sized agricultural enterprises, 251 peasant farms and 22.5 thousand personal subsidiary farms are engaged in the agricultural production.

198 enterprises, of which 12 are large and medium ones, are carried out the industrial activity on the territory of the Municipal Formation. Such staple foodstuffs as sugar, whole milk products, cheese, vegetable oil, fruit juice, flour, bread, meat and other consumer goods are produced materials in the district from its own raw materials. A significant portion of products is sold outside the Krasnodar Region.

There are more than a thousand enterprises of consumerТs sphere in the settlements of the district.

Today, the Administration of the Municipal Formation tends to create all conditions for successful business development. The regulatory framework for providing land plots was developed and adopted, and administrative barriers were eliminated.

Our district is agricultural, and we associate main economic growth prospects primarily with the development of production and processing of agricultural products; however, we take into consideration the importance of economic diversification aimed at the creation of new production facilities.

Available resource and production potential allows to implement interesting ideas and commercial projects. We offer our potential partners turn-key ready areas for the construction and implementation of priority investment projects in the district.

Focusing on constructive cooperation we offer to make it as extraordinary and highly effective by combining the efforts of government and business.

It is profitable now to invest in our district!

Head of the Municipal Formation Leningradskaya District
Shuliko Yuri Yurievich